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Zeiss 2/100 Planar T*

I spent months researching this lens before I finally acquired a copy.  When I finally handled it for the first time, I already knew its moods.  This is a challenging and rewarding lens to shoot.

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  • Prizewinner
  • Beautifully proportioned
  • Not apochromatic
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  • Finally a review!!
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  • Addition to the family!
  • Sliced up.
  • My own review.
    Maude and the Planar, 2008.

    Golden Snow in Montreal, 2008.

    Christmas Shopping, 2008.

    Busy, 2008.


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    1. i own every Contax lens made for the slr except for two. the 100 f 2 AE is a very very good lens. i like the shallow dof in the images. i just dont like the half out of focus images. the background should be either fully blurred or fully sharp. otherwise it becomes distracting. take care always.

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