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Olympus E-M1 Review

The mirrorless electronic-viewfinder camera architecture is only the third major redesign of the camera in its 200-year history, recently foretold by industry observers to replace the dominant SLR architecture from the 1960s. There can be no doubt that we are in the process of transitioning to the new architecture now, especially with the current generation of electronic-viewfinder cameras like the E-M1. The short version is just this: the E-M1 is a really big deal.


Nikkor 180mm f/2.8D AF IF-ED Review

The recent surge of activity surrounding prime lenses has yet to reach the classic primes with focal lengths above 100mm.  Only the exotic “Super” telephoto lenses have been updated in recent years, and at a frequency that hardly seems reasonable. Meanwhile, moderate telephoto primes from all equipment manufacturers grow old and dusty on store shelves as the years pass. The 180mm Nikkor lens is an example of this decades-old trend.


Lots of eye candy

The chunky new Zeiss, photo credit

See one of the first reviews of the 1.4/35mm Distagon ZE/ZF.2 hereAnother one here too.  There's a lot to take in there.

[Edit: and another one here.]


Summicron Examples at f/5.6

A friend of mine asked out of honest curiosity what the difference was between different pieces of high-end equipment. He asked from the point of view of a photography outsider.  More precisely, his real question is what does equipement worth $11K do that equipement worth $3.5K doesn't do?


What a curious offer

Canon is offering a different command dial for 5D Mk-II and 7D cameras…

How bizarre.

I can only think of one other instance of an aftermarket upgrade by CaNikon; the first batch of D3’s could be sent back to quadruple (or double?) the amount of DRAM onboard. Leica offered major surgery to go from M8 to “M8.1” (unlabeled).

I love the idea of upgrades but I don’t get it. A new dial. WTF? Does it mean that there is no new 5D camera for a while? Will new 5D’s shipping from the factory have the new dial?  Looking forward to hear more.

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Next Review : 75mm APO Summicron-M ASPH


Image Samples!

I just went back and added sample images to all of my Zeiss ZF reviews.  Each review got a handful of samples, each with a larger resolution version after the click.

Reviews updated:

Also, I am working on another ZF review!  I'll get some samples out when I think I have understood how to use this new beast.

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