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One Tiny Little Rumor

I doubt that there will be much excitement on the Internet over this rumor, but NikonRumor mentions a new Nikon patent for a 135mm f/1.8 VR lens.  Some ruminations after the jump...

I'm going to make up my own rumor and say that the right price for such an item is probably $1999.95 USD.  This would be a very useful tool in my arsenal, hrm...

Returning readers will know that I have been unhappy for several years with my telephoto choices on the F-mount.  This lens patent gives me some hope.  I'm not sure what the patent-to-product delay is like for Nikon, but we're probably looking at 1-2 years.

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  1. Rumors are a lot of fun—especially optics/lens stuff.

    My own rumor extension of the above NIKON patent is that NIKON has already built an extensive inventory of replacements for their patent-protected portrait stalwarts—AF-S 105 F/2DC & AF-S 135 F/2DC.

    At least ONE of that pair are generally required items for all pros so for NIKON this isn’t at all a minor corporate move (Since they are really a lens marketing company). We can expect to see NIKON throw the design book at their new portrait tools—complete with ASPH/ED/Anomalous dispersion flint/IF/SWM and built-in lens hood features.

    However, the real cocktail hour rumor mill topic is when and especially how will NIKON respond in earnest to the mirrorless trend. Perhaps the Coolpix A optimized lens/body direction MAY be a hint. The SIGMA Foveon offerings seem to be working only for the landscape tripod crowd and we can see the RX1 (R) luring an increasing number of compact/high image quality hungry pros.

    Finally your $1,999 price point for the above patent products is SPOT ON.


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