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Faulty Distagon

Great news, I received a brand-new 1.4/35mm Distagon ZF.2 this week!  Unfortunately it is defective and will have to go back as soon as B&H will return from holiday.

The problem is that the ectronic aperture control is systematically off by half a stop.  i.e. 1.4->1.4, 1.7->1.4, 2->1.7, etc.  I suppose the widget that controls this was installed with a small offset inside the lens.  The manual aperture ring is accurate however, and my D700 is configured to use that instead now.

What's sad/funny is that this is only an issue because it's a ZF.2 lens; I would have been perfectly happy to buy this as a ZF.1 and would have nothing bad to say about this copy right now.  This is the first time something like this has happened to me (getting a bad product) and I'm annoyed that it happened to be a Zeiss lens -- the inspection certificate for the lens was signed despite this, so it's kind of meaningless.

The good news is that it is the first f/1.4 lens I actually want to shoot at f/1.4.

- Olivier

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  1. That’s unfortunate… sorry to hear. It is unusual though, as I have yet to experience a manufacturing flaw from any Cosina manufactured lenses. Perhaps I’ve been fortunate?

  2. You’ve been lucky, I know of a decentered 21mm Distagon.

    Zeiss inspection certificate isnt worth the paper its printed on. Marketing bullshit.

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