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DXO Reviews the Sigma 85mm EX

You know I've had issues with the DXO lens reviews for a while.  I didn't pay attention to them at all until they posted low-ish scores for some lenses I personally knew to be stellar optics.  These optics I would always choose to use over alternatives they ranked higher.

Since then my thoughts have been that they cannot properly assign value to the contrast delivered with the resolution.  Because that is what I value most, in terms of optics, then their reviews aren't super useful to me.  They also ignore physical aspects of lenses pretty thoroughly but that is stated up-front so I don't begrudge them that.

Zoom forward to now, and with their latest Sigma 85mm EX posting they said what I expected them to.  They found it to be one of the best lenses they've ever seen.  Indeed, I mentioned extremely high sharpness in my own review before basically failing the lens on contrast and usefulness in difficult lighting situations.  So we have another DXO review I find of dubious value.

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  1. Fully agree with you Oliver!

    Since the digital age it is increasingly happening that lens tests are conducted using analysis software focusing purely on some aspects of a lens. And it is only now surfacing these tests are actually not honestly reflecting the subjective user experience. This is not only with DxO but also with DPreview and even some print magazines here in Europe.

    For those who are in the market for an expensive new lens I would say: let yourself lead by subjective reviews of respected testers (like Oliver is in my opinion). These are probably closer to your own user experience then these number crunching tests.

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