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Data for the Distagon 1.4/35mm ZF

Carl Zeiss recently posted the charts for the new fast 35mm Distagon.

You can view the other charts here on the Carl Zeiss website.

I had seen these charts before but now it just hit me: 40% contrast at 40lppm @ f/1.4 across the entire frame is pretty freaking great.  I also note that the peripheral brightness of the new lens wide-open is the same as my lens wide-open, but at one stop larger aperture.

This is going to be a very nice lens: sharpness, speed and Zeiss color and contrast in spades.  Expect a review from me later this spring.

- Olivier

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  1. Hey Oliver, nice review of Sigma 85mm f/1.4.
    So I found this thread at NikonGear. It has comparison of following lenses;
    1- ZF2 100/2
    2- Voigt APO 125/2.5
    3- Leica APO 100/2.8 (+ ELPRO);topicseen

    I thought you might find it interesting.

    • The comparison is pretty inconclusive if you ask me, or I missed the page where the conclusive stuff comes out. You have to split hairs to see differences on current cameras at least.

      I do say that I would relish the chance to shoot the APO Elmarit for a bit. I don’t use the f/2 aperture on my ZF much and I like the colors that come out of the Elmarit.

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