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A Misunderstood Rumor, Updated

Nov 24th 2010

Patent filings show the Olympus headmounted EVF:

Image from (via 1001, via petapixel). 

There is a rumor that Olympus has a bluetooth module for m4/3 cameras coming out soon.

See this image apparently from an FCC radio compliance test:

The rumor is saying it could be a GPS thing, or a file transfer thing.  I think they're being too limited in their imagination.  I bet the truth is better than these.

In my opinion this is the server module for a head-mounted EVF display.  Zeiss and Nikon have been talking up these devices for years (more than 4) but their devices are like orphans with no parent device.  Olympus easilyy could take their EVF and mount it on a set of eyeglass frames and push images to it over bluetooth.

How obsolete do swiveling LCD screens seem to you now?


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  1. I’ll take it if it’s touch-sensitive 😉

  2. Did not you post this earlier on, Oliver?

  3. This is an updated post. What’s new is the patent fiiling.

    Earlier I was guessing at a headmounted EVF. Now we just plain know.

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