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Starting Fresh with Leica’s M9

Hello again!  We here at the Photoog Command Center have survived our introduction to the Leica M9.  We're over it, optimism has returned.

Family picture, 35mm Distagon ZF included for scale.

The 24mm Elmarit ASPH hasn't yet found its groove, but the 35mm Biogon is just plain FANTASTIC.  I have no doubt now that one can assemble a thoroughly satisfying kit only from the ZM lens lineup.

ISO 160, with detail enlarged.

With my LR3 profile in decent shape I'm starting to push ISOs higher.  To that end I've seriously adjusted my expectations for (1) what a good LCD preview image looks like and (2) what kind of light I take head-on without thinking.  For the previews, basically anything vaguely well-exposed and with any apparent acuity is going to turn out great later.  In terms of light you want to avoid high-contrast lighting and black holes in the background; even relatively low levels of soft light work well.

ISO 800, with detail enlarged.

I'm feeling confident enough about ISOs up to 800 that I will prefer to use those sensitivities instead of going wide-open on the Biogon.  That relieves pressure on the focusing aspect, and it increases acuity in the image.

ISO 800, with detail enlarged.

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