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Upcoming review…

I've been working with a new lens, one with split personalities.  Even my opinion is split.

BFFs, one stop down from wide-open.

Also, one stop down from wide-open.

You'll hear all about it in a few days.  For now you can post your guesses for which lens this is.


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  1. Assuming these were taken on your flagship, the D700, I’m betting focal length is somewhere between 50-90mm. I favor the shorter part of that range. It looks pretty fast (a fast prime is in line with your usual preferences) due to narrow DOF and drawing characteristics in the BFF photo. Colors do not look like a Nikon lens, but this part is really conjecture.

    My guess:
    Voigtlander Nokton 58mm SLII f/1.4. It definitely has the schizoid personality. Contra: Image #2 shows pretty high contrast and DOF at one stop from wide open.

    There is so little information here (even regarding what format) that there may be more than a dozen lenses which would show these characteristics. More data needed. Fun game!

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