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EDITED on 9/15/2010.  AGAIN on 9/16/2010.  See below.

I have only one thing of real value I need to say about the D7000: it has an AI meter.

Exhibit 1:

Why is this relevant?  This feature was not included on a D80/D90 level camera before.  This was reserved for the D200/D300 level and above.  It has been a discrete but key differentiator: only very serious amateurs care to use AI lenses (such as ZF.1) and will pay top dollar to get cameras with it, so Nikon historically reserved it for premium cameras.

I hypothesize that this camera is the D400, basically.   The D7000 is the smaller, lighter-weight, less expensive D400.

All of the other features make sense now in this context : the 100% viewfinder, the metal body, the shutter mode dial, etc...

== EDIT1 ==

Exhibit 2.

I need to add: it has Mirror-up.

This totally is the successor to the D300.

== EDIT2 ==

I note on the Dpreview preview that the menus have both AF fine-tuning, and non-CPU lens data.  The latter is rather essential to the use of the AI meter but you never know, it could have been left out.

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  1. Good news, you’re the first person to metion this important element so far.

    What about AF fine adjustment that is not available on the D90 : is it supported on the D7000 ?


  2. Hey Oliver,

    Did you also notice the release of the Nikkor 35/1.4 (CZ beat them by a few weeks only with the announcement but the Nikkor may be on the counter earlier) and the 200/2.0 with improved VR?

    Water is running through my mouth……

    What do you think of a head to head test of the new fast 35 mm’s (CZ vs. Nikon)? Something for you? Looking forward to it….


    • Of course I noticed the 35mm Nikkor, I’m looking forward to testing it. A head to head comparison is a definite possibility.

      The 200mm VR is not interesting to me in the least. The price and weight turn me off completely.

  3. Good point, it does seem to be a worthy successor to the D300 rather then the D90.

    But seriously, I think the lenses they released along with it are more note worthy.

    • I would use the singular form – the 35mm lens. In comparison the 200mm VR-2 is basically the same lens that existed before, so I don’t count it as new.

      The 35mm will be extremely fun to work with. Very much looking forward to it.

  4. It also comes with the screw-drive for AF-D lenses. I’m very impressed with how backwards-compatible the D7000 is. Maybe the only negative is the bitrate of the HD video is less than the 7D.

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