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Next Review

Working on a new review.  Will have a very hard time saying bad things about this lens.

More to come...

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  1. Okay, time to tally the lens traits. On a 35mm camera, I’d have to say focal length is somewhere between 24-40mm. It looks capable of wide aperture, but it is definitely not as fast as f/1.4, based on the images posted. On the final image, nothing is quite in focus (maybe the light rail tracks at frame bottom?). Could it be an AF lens? OG, are you going over to the dark side? I will reserve a guess for such time as more samples are available. 🙂

    • Hi Matt,

      You’ve got the range down, now which is it? It’s not an AF lens. No dark side.

      (I have used and even reviewed AF lenses, and even zooms you know… ;^)

      I have to say I remembered the 2nd sample image as being in focus. I sent this through a less-than-optimal image processing pipeline to get it stripped of EXIF and scaled right for WordPress. I will go back to the original later tonight and see if I can make a better sample.


  2. My guess is: ZF 28/2. Just teasing about the dark side. 😉

  3. I too guessed the Distagon 28 mm f/2, though I didn’t quite get around to posting that.

    I like the focus placement on the brightly lit eye in your photo, even though that eye is a little further from the camera. Nice photo, in fact!

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