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1.4/35 Distagon ZF still a ways off

Next year?  Ugh.  I like the price though, I think that’s a good price.

Comes standard with more glass than the
previous version.

There is very little to say about this lens at this time.  The one fact we can discuss is that it’s not a small thing.  The 72mm filter thread is the same size as the 1.4/85mm ZF and it weighs 60% more than the 2/35mm ZF.  It’s going to be really subtle when you whip this out at a party.

I will say this lens has to justify its size/weight/price because the 2/35mm Distagon (my review) is quite excellent and not that expensive (B&H).  If you want to read more there’s a brochure out there.  Rather than steal his thunder, I’ll point you to Diglloyd’s post for the PDF (no charts, I know, I’m sad too).

I will be testing this lens when it comes out, with _particular_ attention to its Bokeh.  The sample in the PDF is really of terrible quality but you can tell there is some slight ringing to the larger circles of confusion.  That’s very much like the 2/35mm ZF and I expected the 1.4/35mm lens to fix that.  Hrm, we shall see.  Next year.

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  1. There’s larger sample available over at Zeiss website.

    • Indeed, thanks for pointing that out.

      Hrm. That’s very middle-of-pack in terms of Bokeh. Lenses like the Nikkor 1.4/24mm or the Zeiss 2/100mm have nicer defocused characteristics. It is however a hundred times better than the Zeiss 1.4/50mm.

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