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Kick it (into high gear)

This blog has reached something of a crossroad.  I’ve decided to cross the road.

The readership of this blog is not large but it is enough to draw attention to itself.  Most of the time the former address for this blog is the #1 hit on Google for queries like “35 distagon review”.  Today I am followed on that query by Photozone, B&H and Diglloyd – these are names you know, household names.

So it was that B&H came to talk to me about affiliation.  I am now presenting the choice I have made as a result.

I am deeply enthusiastic about a niche in the photography market : high-end prime lenses.  Relatively few people have first-hand experience with Zeiss and Leica lenses.  Many that do get this experience, people at consumer review sites, don’t really know what to say about these lenses – “here’s a pile of charts, bigger numbers are better, next”.  There are many such sites and whilst their information is useful, they are almost all redundant because none of them leave the lab with the lenses.

In my opinion the experience of a high-end lens barely begins with its sharpness in the lab.  I take the time to learn to see the way that each lens sees, in the field, then I describe to you my mental model for the lens so you can know it too.  There is much I could do to spice up the presentation of the information but I think the quality of information comes first.

I would like to do this with more lenses than I can afford to own and I am willing to invest the time to do it.  I hope that you would like me to do this as well.  Here is how the great folks at B&H come into play : they can put all these lenses into my hands briefly (or not so briefly actually) such that I can write these articles for you.

You know all about affiliates, you’ve seen them elsewhere, you know how it works.  When you’re going to buy some new gear, at anytime but especially if you just found my information useful, then you make it a point to get it at B&H through my affiliate link.  It doesn't cost you anything and it helps everyone.

Let me state clearly now: this site will not become covered in banners and ads, I will not EVER copy from a press release, I will not be begging you for change constantly.  Nothing has changed except that now you can tell B&H you like my reviews and you would like to see more of them, and you know they will listen to you.

Hence the move to the new server, the new domain name, the extra energy (and money) that I am investing into this blog...  I have chosen to leap into this new world.  Will you come with me?

P.s. I will be working on the user interface of this site for a few days.  I will figure out how best to present the affiliate links, obviously this one post isn't the right place.

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  1. Bravo. I hope this means you will make more frequent posts. You are very interesting and fun as well as irritating. I agree that you have some valuable observations to make that would not come from anyone else. You have a unique flavor and I’m happy to know more is coming.

    • Thanks Martha! Fun and irritating – that’s high praise, I think. :^)

      I do hope to post more frequently. At least more “meaty” posts.

  2. Oliver I quite like your website and booked it in Google reader, so it should make no big difference after I correct the RSS feed.

    Keep going! We need your words for camera and lens, and photography!


  3. Hey, this is great news, I was just wondering when we will come to see some more posts on lens hermeneutics from you 🙂

    Good luck with this endeavor!

  4. I’ve been enjoying your smart reviews/opinions for months, quality is always present.

    It makes a HUGE difference compared to other web sites.

    I look forward to reading next posts 🙂

  5. Hi Olivier,

    Just a note to say thanks for the time and attention you put into your reviews and comments. After you have now posted two lens reviews on the new photoog site, it’s easy for me to say I think you’ve got some positive momentum.
    I’m glad to see B&H (and others) supporting someone who has taken a stand against test-chart tyranny. Lens character can be difficult to articulate, and many times the standard technical rubric does not do it justice.


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