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Still waiting for PMA

Still hoping to hear something interesting.

I want to share an interesting blog that I found in the mean time.  I was looking for hints of a Samsung NX adapter for Leica M lenses and this post clearly explained to me why one won't be forthcoming:  The article will matter to those who were hoping for such adapters, like me, but the blog as a whole may be of wider interest.

So far the group of photographers that wants to use M lenses on other cameras hasn't been very lucky.  The m4/3 sensors have a crippling focal-length multiplier in my opinion and deliver mushy corners with Leica wide-angle lenses.  The only competitor to show up (the NX10) won't be getting an adapter due to mechanical constraints that could have been avoided with a wider throat.  Where's that Sony/Zeiss DRF when you want it...



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