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Nikon: Next.

Earlier today NikonRumors posted what’s, true to its namesake, a vaporous rumor about a new lens. Even knowing how speculative the posting was, when I saw the accompanying fake picture I still wanted to jump out of my chair and scream HELL YEEAAAH! BOO-YA!

Artist’s rendition of a Nikkor AF-S 70-200 f/4 VR from NikonRumors, officially busted.

How fantastic does this look to you? Very much fantastic if you ask me. Now that I have this image burned into my head, I can’t imagine getting excited about any other medium telephoto lens. Forget the real-world lenses, this dream-world lens is my pick.

I dragged around the first version of the f/2.8 VR lens for several years and I thought it was a massive piece of kit. Eventually I stopped using it because the benefits it brought to me over the Zeiss 100mm f/2, while substantial in an absolute sense, didn’t justify the relative difference in size and weight. What I mean is that I very much liked the solid auto-focus, stabilization and extra reach but I very much preferred to carry the downright-miniature and twice-faster Zeiss lens. Today the hot new f/2.8 VR version is even larger and heavier, not to mention a lot more expensive, which just further unbalances the bang/pound/buck equation.

The day is fast approaching where reach will start to matter more to me, thanks to kid sports. I’m just left scratching my head looking for a not-ungainly and not-unaffordable (also, ideally, teleconverter friendly) option around 200mm. What I really want is either a 200mm f/2.8 prime with VR and Nano, or a 70-200mm f/4 zoom with VR and Nano.

The picture above just looks perfect to me. What’s worse is that I’m sure Nikon could make one of these in their sleep – the only question is how affordable they could make it. I’m somewhat flexible on that, if it’s the right product.

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