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Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G, The Analysis Continues

Some new images taken with the 24mm Nikkor appeared a few nights ago on a Japanese blog. These aren’t high-resolution samples however, so we won’t be going too deep with the pixel peeing. I will comment on the images in two groups, based on the character they reveal.

All the images in this article come from here and here. All images are claimed to be at f/1.4.

In the first group up, I’m looking at the bokeh shape and neutrality.

Click to enlarge.

I like to see perfect circle neutrality with clear definition of point lights, and that’s almost what we get here. The only element bothering me is a troubled feeling I get from the flowers behind the camera. Even at closer inspection I can’t decide if some of the hightlights are ringed or not, they’re fishy. I’m particularly pleased that the “cat eye” impression near the borders is under control.

In the second group, we get some idea of details.

Click to enlarge.

In the previous group we got very few pixels that were actually in focus. In this group we get a sense of the detail the lens is capable of – obviously I wish we had full-res samples. The flowers in particular show no detectable weakness at this resolution, I recommend you click on that one and let it sink in.

Contrast could be higher, but this set of pictures shows there is resolution to be extracted if the lens is focused properly. Mercifully, the DPR close-up portrait sample can be disregarded as an outlier.



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