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Unboxing, part 3

Close cousins, Ikon and Biogon 2/35mm ZM T* next to the N80 and Distagon 2/35mm ZF T*.

Even though the Biogon is petite next to the Distagon, the Ikon is not dwarfed by the N80.  I suppose a film transport has the same size anywhere.  Not that I wished it were much smaller, really.

I'm going through some early ergonomic issues with the Ikon...

  • With my glasses I can see the 35mm framelines, but not anything beyond.  This is acceptable but not optimal, I can't even see metered shutter speeds unless I move my eye.  Without my glasses I can see how much I'm missing and I want it all.  I guess I'll be getting myself contact lenses soon.
  • Another issue is that the rangefinder patch disappears quickly if your eye isn't at the exact right place for the viewfinder.  I am fairly sure this is another issue with eyeglasses.  I think the lengthened viewing distance makes the eyepiece much more sensitive than normal.
  • My fingers want to wrap around the camera and often block the rangefinder window, also causing the rangefinder patch to disappear.  When this happens, I tend to confuse this with the previous issue and move my eye around until I finally figure out my fingers were in the wrong place.  D'oh!

This is all stuff I'm going to work through.  I'm practicing the quickdraw (*)  at work while waiting for code to compile.

- Olivier

(*)  Camera up, frame, focus, camera down, defocus.  Repeat.

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  1. Lasik is a better idea. Unload more Nikon detritus and you’re there.

  2. I’m not quite convinced I’ll do lasik just yet.

    Harumpf, Nikon detritus. I don’t subscribe to that view in general.

    • I was being facetious, in light of your declaration for Leica. Contact lenses are a pain, literally and figuratively. For a person who loves sharp focus I think they are not a great choice. You will find your whole world in bokeh at times.

  3. I agree on the comments for contact lenses (being back to glasses after extended use of contact lenses).

    But besides that: congrats with your new setup! You will love it!

    About the rangefinder issues you mention: I had the same with both my Voigtlander R4m and my Hexar RF. It just gets some getting used to. And, I am (too) considering Lasik (or Lasek) for myself…

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