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Mystery lens revealed!

What is it?...

It's the 24mm Elmarit-M ASPH!

It's not actually much bigger thanthe 35mm Biogon.

I'll have much more to say later, but for now I've got some people to go shoot with this.

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  1. Very nice. It would seem I guessed wrong, but that is some hardcore lens porn if I ever saw some!

    Congratulations man, you must be very proud. You’ll have some great times with that one.

  2. Thanks Dr Naud!

    When you suggested the 2.8/25 ZM I thought you were getting very close to home. I would never have gone with the 24mm Elmarit if I hadn’t found this excellent used copy on sale at a deep discount. It’s not 6-bit coded, I guess is why the discount.

    It still was more expensive than the ZM though, which I justified to myself using charts. The Elmarit has an advantage wide-open.

    It’s all a biiiig step…

    – Olivier

  3. It certainly seems that used Leica lens prices are much better when they’re not coded, which is great news for those of us that still shoot film.

    Going back to film with M mount has been a highly satisfying experience for me, so I believe that it is a big step well worth making. I’m sure you’ll be glad you made the move!

  4. Nice lens choices indeed! Did you consider the 24 mm Elmar?

    To get you in the rangefinder mood you could explore some of Robert Appleby’s beautiful work at (website not updated in years). These photos impressed me greatly when I first saw them, and they still do today.

    I remembered his photos now because—if I recall correctly—he shot them all with an M6, the 24 mm Elmarit ASPH, and a 35 mm Summilux ASPH. Film was mostly Kodak Elite Chrome 100 (consumer slide film). Scanned on a CoolScan. In other words, very similar to your new setup.

    No pressure. 😉

    • Yes I did consider the 24mm Elmar ASPH but it hardly ever shows up on the used market yet because it’s too recent. In the end I paid much less for this Elmarit than the Elmar costs new, so it made no sense to me to go that way. The extra stop of light is nice too.

      I’m making a note to go check out those portfolios you mention. I’m sure they’re terrific.

      Riiiight… no pressure. :^o

      – Olivier

  5. Hey Oliver,

    Congrats again! Great choice as well!!!

    One small question however (would not like to keep you from shooting and posting your opinions on all this new stuff 😉 ): Do you intend shooting the Elmarit without external VF? Is that the reason why you did not buy the ZM 21mm (best 21 in the M world according to Erwin Puts and if even he says so…. !)?

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

    • Thanks Mpve.

      I am shooting the Elmarit without external viewfinder. That’s more of a cash-flow problem for now, not a permanent situation.

      Why not the 21mm Biogon? No particular reason against the Biogon. I thought 24mm would give me similar shooting opportunities but draw less attention to its perspective. That seemed wise to me.

      The Elmarit also has its cult following who will tell you it’s very special.

      – Olivier

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