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I want to believe

Having viewed the little Leica "pre-mercial" a half-dozen times...  they've got me hooked.

"For all photographers, novice and professionals alike". 


I want to believe.  So desperately.

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  1. That line raised my ears too!! 🙂

  2. Fingers crossed!

  3. I remember that last week I’ve seen someone using a Leica M8.2 for the first time (I am a user of nikon d40)… So I’ve turn around and asked him “sorry, is that a Leica?”. And I got to change a couple of words with that person…

    Well, all I can say is I know what you guys feel :). I think I’ve got the Leica bug..

  4. Well, I have a feeling that the ‘X1’, if it exists, is going to be a disappointment. The more I see and read the worse the feeling gets.

    Is a ‘budget’ M mount rangefinder so hard to produce for Leica? (budget being $2,000 or so).

  5. I think the X1 is shoping to be Leica’s take on the Sigma DP concept, the DP2 specifically. Read: fixed lens, prime lens, large sensor point & shoot.

    The leaked PDF has convinced me that it’s real. The M9 looks like the real deal. This is what the M8 should have been from day one.

    More importantly I think it’s going to be good enough to convince me (and some number of other people) that it is worth the money this time around. The absence of a $2K digital range-finder is still a big bummer but not one that’s going to keep me away. It’s very likely that Leica is not building one because they figure a good chunk of their potential customers will think the same thing.

    So I think I know what I’m buying in 2010. Unless Zeiss were to intervene at PMA, I’m going to use my 30th birthday as an excuse to spend on an M9. (If that’s a “free pass” on exactly ONE purchase, I’ll make it count. ;^)

    • So yes, it would appear that the X1 is real, and an interesting concept – however, my most important question will not be answered until I see the back of the camera – does use a screen, viewfinder, or both?

      Wowsers on your plans to purchase an M9, I hope you will have some internal organs left after the sale! Might you go M mount exclusive, and sell your Nikon gear?

  6. I don’t think I’ll need to sell off any organs, but I will have to stay with this camera for a long time to compensate. I am also going to have to wait almost a year before making the big move – there will be plenty of time to see how well the M9 really works.

    Going M-mount exclusive is just too bold. I am probably going to sell Nikon gear, but not all of it.

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