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New baby Zeiss

Here it is, the humble 1.4/50mm ZF:

It's a very compact lens.

I've already discovered a lot of things about this lens, but don't expect a review just yet.  It takes thousands of frames just to get acquainted.

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  1. Good for you mate! Wish you all the best with this lens! It will definitely deliver.

    As I am also thinking of buying a 50 I am eagerly awaiting your experiences. And before that, why did you pick this lens instead of the 50/2.0 Makro Planar? The price? The larger aperture?

    I really love my Makro Planar 100/2.0 as you do and this is, for me, a very strong case to buy the 50/2.0. The imagery has much resemblance and shares a lot of the characteristics with the 100/2.0. Performance is more even across the aperture range as compared with the 50/1.4 and in general on a higher level. But it is also twice as expensive (in The Netherlands). It is a difficult trade off but since I got over the price for the 100/2.0 I think paying a lot for a very,very good lens is really worth it.

    Again, good luck with it! Use it, use it, use it! And keep on writing the blog. I am looking for new material on your blog almost every day so….

    • Hi mpve,

      The main reason was indeed the price, and also the size. The alternative to buying cheaper is waiting longer to save the money, but I wasn’t really willing to do that in this case. I’m also looking to stop spending on ZF lenses so I can spend on ZM lenses instead soon, so really part of the price difference is going to go towards a 2/50mm ZM later on.

      I’m assuming that I won’t shoot this lens very much at f/1.4 – f/2. I’m willing to step down to save some cost on the lens and keeps it smaller. The question then is whether the cheaper lens lives up to its siblings’ reputations when stopped down to f/2.8 or smaller.

      My first impressions is that yes, it definitely does. It’s extremely difficult to focus at f/1.4, but when you get it perfectly right it can deliver high resolution even wide-open. Around f/2.8 the quality is very high everywhere but in the corners, and those come in at f/4 if you need them. I’ll cover all of this in my review at the end of July.


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