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What a ridiculous proposition

Someone at Leica doesn't get flash, or at least not how flash might be combined with the M camera.  I guess they think flash ought never be combined with the M camera... which turns out is a self-fulfilling prophecy when they do stuff like this.

WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?  These are just ridiculous proportions, it must constantly want to tip over and point South.  It's an even worse fit than a D40 with an SB-900.

I think I unsderstand the product though.  Its true purpose is obviously to work with the upcoming S2 and further-upcoming R10 cameras.  Why didn't they use the S2 to launch it?  I guess they thought it would send the wrong message - to wait before buying it.  Do they think this is a better message?  Mind boggling.

Before I am reminded that Leica makes a smaller flash, I'll point out that the SF24D is (1) still too big, (2) cannot bounce and (3) eats special expensive batteries.  I think Leica needs to buy a box of SB-400 and clone them.  The SB-40o would be absolutely perfect on an M8.

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