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New Zeiss users' forum

Come and visit the new forum:

I joined the discussion from the first day, basically.  Let's hope the community grows healthy.

Also, I took some time to write reviews for my two favorite lenses, here are direct links: 2/100 Makro-Planar , 2/35 Distagon.

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  1. Nice! I hope the support for state of the art primes like zeiss, leica and voigtlander will be more and more consistent over time. The current direction in dslr marketing, with larger sensors, improved resolution and dynamic range seems to cast some benefits to niche manufactures like Zeiss too.

    The current introduction of the ZE line shows that the business is working well. I hope this bear market won’t screw things for them.

  2. I think Zeiss resurrected the breed of high-end primes. Voigtlander was out of this market until recently and Leica’s strategy for DSLRs is unclear at best.

    As far as the ZF line is concerned, I think Nikon let the door wide open for Zeiss to own the place. Many AF primes are 20 years old now, and there’s no sign of real replacements coming. The new 50mm sucks, so if the others will be like this then I’m more than happy to get my primes from Zeiss instead of Nikon.

    Indeed there seems to be a lot of demand for ZE, but I wonder if it’ll actually result in much more business long-term. Not only are the “L”s decent as a group, but the true Canon faithfuls probably aren’t going to buy anything else. Alternatively, some might jump right away and buy the 2 lenses they’ve put up, only to discover they aren’t that good and then forget the brand. The 1.4/50 and 1.4/85 really aren’t the best of the ZF line.

    The three prime-related events to watch for in 2009 are these:
    1) Zeiss actually shipping the Distagon 21, reviews trickling in.
    2) Voigtlander relaunching the APO Lanthar telephoto under the SL-II brand.
    3) Leica reviving the R system by pre-announcing the R10 specs and a bunch of updated R lenses with AF.

    I really wonder where Zeiss will go with the ZF line next. They used to have a fisheye, a tilt/shift and some longer telephotos (2.8/200, 4/300, 4/400). They might end up being the only high-end players without APO lenses, and that’s something they may want to work on. Personally I would like them to make an aspherical 50mm in the f/1 ~ 1.2 ~ 1.4 range.

    So there’s lots of directions Zeiss might take. It’ll be fun to watch.

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