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New MacBook shocker

I don't post about non-photo technology very often, but this is really special. The new MacBooks are as plainly awesome as computers get. I didn't expect this, personally I always liked the "Pro" so much better.

Apple has got to be afraid that MacBooks will steal sales from MacBook Pros now that they're so close. I guess the gamble is that MacBooks will steal more sales from the crappy plastic Uninspirons over yonder. I sure would dump mine in a heartbeat if I could.

Icing on the cake : it's an all-Nvidia line up in this family of notebooks that makes up ~30% of the volume in the USA. Not only that, but graphics is also the main differentiator between the basic model and the "Pro" model. It's a good day for GPUs today.

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  1. They are (mostly) nice. However, I do have a few issues with them

    1. Price: its worse than usual
    2. Low-rez glossy screen, no thanks
    3. Mini-DP? Seriously? Yet another propietary Apple Connector you have to get overpriced adapters for. To add insult to injury, Apple doesn’t even sell a mini-DP to DP connector, so you can probably only use real DP on their new ridiculously overpriced monitor/wierd sort of dock combo.
    4. You have to log out for a hybrid switch. I dunno if thats NV or Apple problem, but its inexcusable
    5. Im not sure I like the touchpad not having a button, but apparently its not as bad as it sounds.
    6. Personal preference: I dont really like the keyboard. I know some love them though

  2. Hrm…

    1. Good stuff has a price, but it’s not that high.
    2. But it’s a 13.3″ screen, the MacBook Pros have the resolution if that’s what you crave. In use the gloss isn’t as much of an issue as I had originally thought.
    3. True.
    4. True.
    5. Never used the button anyway, I’m a soft-tap-click kind of guy, even for dragging.
    6. It’s excellent, 2nd only to the Thinkpad keyboard in my opinion.

    I haven’t owned a Mac in about 4 years, but I’m considering it now.

  3. 2. But they dont. Only 1440×900, not even an option for 1680×1050. Dell/HP/etc manage to have 1920×1200 options for their 15.4″ models. For anything trying to cater to graphics professionals, its pathetic.
    6. Yea Im spoiled with thinkpad keyboards…

  4. I thought the Pros were 1680×1050, but you’re right. That is a negative.

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