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Waiting with bated breath

As I understand it the press embargos for Photokina product announcements all must end on, or before September 15th. So Zeiss, Leica, Nikon and Canon... all must play their cards between now and then.

We know for a fact that Zeiss will announce support for a new mount that day. I know most of the planet wants it to be Canon's EOS but I doubt it.

I fully expect Canon to launch the 5D Mk-II, and I fully expect it to be superior to the D700 on the basis of image quality. However I don't expect Canon to offer truly professional quality for construction and non-imaging features (like auto-focus). That would shock me, frankly.

I've been vibrating with anticipation ever since I heard that Leica & Canon might be cooperating on a new product. Herr Kaufmann promised a significant non-lens announcement for the M system. I think I join many enthusiastic amateurs when I say that I pray for a digital CL... I already know which lenses I will buy if they announce one. One can hope.

I'm not sure what Nikon will announce. I wouldn't be surprised at all, but very disappointed, if the D90 is the only thing they have show at Photokina.

Nine days to go.

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    Its almost certainly canon…
    With Canon’s “Destined Evolution” teaser, things should get interesting soon

  2. I still think there’s only a 50/50 chance of it being EOS, because that mount *requires* an electronic interface. There isn’t even a mechanical step-down pin on the EOS mount, as far as I know.

    Zeiss hasn’t sold lenses with electronic interfaces under its own brand names since the Contax system.

    In a way, if Zeiss were to ship electronically-enabled lenses for EOS, that would make EOS its best-supported lens mount currently. I’d be jealous a bit to be honest.

  3. Oh shoot… I just saw they updated the advert to say “ZE”. Hum. Yeah, that’s almost certainly EOS.

  4. Semi-official? (I cant read german)

    Of those 3, only the distagon 21 seems like it will be popular..well see later today for sure

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