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The third Musketeer

After all the speculation on the name, it's actually called "Mk II".

I have some mixed feelings this morning, in the wake of this announcement. Make no mistake, I think the 5D Mk-II is awesome, enough so to cause me to switch away from Nikon (*GASP*). My home has been a bastion (temple?) of Nikon's for years, but that's going to change now.

Hence I take back what I said about the D700 earlier... this is the best platform to shoot Zeiss ZF. There's no other component to my decision, the best lenses deserve the best sensor. I couldn't care less about "L" lenses, and I'm actually a bit scared of the Canon UI.

Now that I've professed my belief in the product, I must say there are some questionable design choices here.

The most obvious one is that cheap-o auto-focus system. Nine points, with one cross-type!? WTF Canon dudes? These days Nikon ships semi-sentient 51-point full-control grid AF at their $1600 price point. Good thing I don't plan on buying auto-focus lenses, I guess. :^/

The second issue may or may not be one. They're being a bit coy about the weather sealing; in my opinion if they had gone all the way they would really harp about it. So we're looking at mid-range level protection in what's otherwise a very high-end camera. :^/

Just one more for the moment: did you see that battery grip? It's still the awkward style grip with a big stick that reaches into the battery compartment. Not planning on getting one of these either, but it's lame. :^/

The other guys are going all-out and Canon's just cruising along. That's my impression today.

I'm excited to line up for a 5D Mk-II, but I still hate Canon's corporate machine.


This is a really awesome sample in its original version. So much so that I couldn't put it on Blogger, and I had to recompress it a touch just to put it in Smugmug to link to it.

This is a lot of resolution, too much for that lens anywhere off-center.

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