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New addition to the family!

The 100mm Planar!

A portrait this time, this is from a default LR2 conversion:

Typical Zeiss color: mostly neutral tone, a tinge of cold, but with high contrast and micro-contrast.

So far it behaves well. I had stratospheric expectations of course, and it meets them. It’s a bit too long for portraits on APS-C however, but will be fantastic on FF.

The only issues are:

1) It’s very difficult to manually focus 100mm @ f/2 inside 15 feet with more than 30% certainty.
2) The lens is all over the place with chromatic aberrations @ f/2.

Both these issues improve a lot by f/2.8, and by f/4 the lens is indomitable. That's pretty much exactly like the 2/35 actually, except that one’s better on CA. That's good, that means my experience with the 2/35 carries over to this lens.

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