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The D90 changes the game

I’m sorry to have to break the news for Canon fanboys… but in terms of mindshare the 50D is pretty much done, stick a fork in this one.

It's not that it's not a fine camera, but that it's just - you know - it's old school now. The game has changed and Canon has the honor of having launched one of the best products of the old era right on the eve of the new era. I do mean eve as meaning the day before. That's such poor strategy, I wonder if they thought that was going to steal Nikon's thunder.

I'm not interested in the "video's not the point" mass-scale denial going on right now because I think the marketplace will vote with their dollars and that they will see it very much as the point. I can't imagine a buyer from the "mom and pop" crowd walking into a camera store, looking to spend $1K and some change on a good family camera, and choosing the 50D over the D90 because it has "more cross-type phase-detection points". LOL.

Where to go to learn about the D90? Firstly there's the video on Chase Jarvis's blog. He also had this very quotable opinion blurb that sums it up nicely:

After using this camera and pushing it to it’s limits, I can honestly say that it’s a camera that will deliver stunning, emotive pictures--and MOVIES for Pete’s sake! MOVIES!--to an entire spectrum of amateur photographers. And that’s exciting.

That video is also available linked from the D90 microsite which has lots of other marketing prose, and then there's the Dpreview preview of course.

Finally there's the brochure PDF from the Nikon Imaging website. Remember what I said about the 50D's weakness earlier this week (that it wasn't innovative enough)? Check out the first page of the PDF. You can't make this shit up.

Yeah, Nikon had that thought too.

It's been such a terrible year for Canon: AF problems at the high end, uninspiring products in their bread & butter range, nothing new or innovative in sight... They need a world-shaking 5D Mk-II so badly right now.

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