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Poorly chosen image samples

The Nikon Imaging site has some really interesting choices to pitch their high end optics.

For instance, consider this strong pass made at the market of squirrel photographers:

Is that really the most compelling image they could take with this lens? Seriously.

Here I thought 400/2.8s were used mainly to stay away from bear-type creatures, such as bears (e.g. black, gray, grizzly, polar) and football players (various colors). Maybe this is in fact the ferocious Ursus Rodentus, rumored to decimate entire villages starting with their nuts...

There’s also the 300mm f/2.8 VR that’s pitched with a random picture of a girl in front of nothing. Just about any 85+ mm lens north of $400 could have taken that one. It’s infinitely less cool than the one they have for the older non-VR f/4 version.


Spend $5000. 300mm f/2.8 VR.


Spend $1000. 300mm f/4.

Not a very compelling showcase for the amazing 2.8/VR lens. They should hook up with the guys at for samples (here 200mm f/2 VR)…


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