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About the photography of cats

I’ve been tracking the results of this query every hour or so since Friday. There are some really impressive early-product-life pictures, a significant fraction of these people have skill and vision.

The kids in a sandbox look great, the night shots glorious, there’s a couple of weddings already (at least one of which is clearly professional-level). There’s a boat load of portraiture, some guy likes the girl + railroad-tracks combo a lot. And whatever this is, it's great! There are also some naked body-painted 20-something girls with airbrushed Nikon labels on their bellies, but the photography of these sucks. These subjects are left carrying the pictures by themselves... ;^)

I do wish people had better self-editing skills though. The Japanese dudes who shot their mugs in front of the IBM logo for 10-pages’ worth… and that guy who posted 20 pages of softball (some actually good)… these can drown out the visually interesting imagery a little bit.

What’s truly amazing though is that the Cat Fraction™ is somewhere around 5% only! That's only 5% of D700 images shot so far have been featuring cats, or dogs as proxies for cats. What’s even more amazing (what could top that?) is that there are some cat pictures that rock! This is seriously a first for me – the “Spot on the couch”-type stuff makes me gag. Yeah, even though that linked one is a nice sample of the genre.

But then there’s this guy:

Photo Credit:

Ok it’s not fine art, but it’s a great photograph. Kind-of reminds you that cats are just waiting to eat your babies, don’t forget to feed this one.

Now going forward I wish this other query would return more results…

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