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Someone said it better than me here…

I'm speechless when I read inane blabber on Dpreview forums about 95% viewfinder coverage being the undoing of the D700. Come again? I won't link to any thread, they're too numerous and none are worth your attention.

I too would like to have everything be perfect in a perfect world, but in the realm of compromises I'll take a 95% viewfinder if it means I get a built-in wireless flash commander... that is far more useful in the crafting of quality imagery. Even Leica viewfinders are approximate - far more approximate than the D700's viewfinder.

In this post Bob Elkind said it better than me, comparing to the D300's 100% viewfinder:

"I hope you're kidding. The differences between a FF sensor and an APS-C sensor are so broad and overwhelming that I can't imagine choosing FF vs. DX based on a second-order criterion such as viewfinder coverage.

Do yourself a favour, and list the strengths and weaknesses of FF vs. DX for the types of photography you intend to do. Then consider where viewfinder coverage fits into your list in terms of importance. "

The most infuriating thing about these endless threads is that the average participant is not likely to ever buy a D700 no matter how perfect to their eyes.

Enough said.

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