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D700 Sightings

I’m still scouring the web for D700-related news, especially for hands-on articles.

First, if you skipped the videos on Nikon’s D700 mini-site, go back and watch them. That’s here:

Then, have a read at Joe McNally’s blog (and bookmark it while you’re there):

He has a great quote in there:

I can’t comment all that intelligently on the D700 […] because I had it in my hands for only a few minutes until I put it at the end of a pole and hoped for the best.

Some Canon zealots are hard at work now, posting news that the D3/D700 can’t focus properly (e.g. the zero-shot article). Oh really? Let’s recall the French D3 focus tests:

Some Japanese sites are posting images now too:

For example from there, I like the scale shot for the angled view:

Linked from here:

Linked from here:

Finally, a related sighting (related in my head) of the Sigma Fifty on a 5D for scale:

Linked from here:

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