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Nikon D700: leaks?

** addendum ** The picture below is a known photoshop'ed image. Aww... after reading comments I gotta say that an often-repeated internet lie is that 24x36mm viewfinders must be too large for a built-in flash. I have plenty of film gear that says different.

I enjoy a good rumor like the next guy, but I get turned off when unrealistic wishes masquerade as rumors. The net result is that I don’t pay much attention to rumors posted on very-public sites like Dpreview.

Now there is a rumors going around that I can’t shake – I’m going to call this one real – and that’s the D700. Maybe I’m biased because I’ve hoped for a camera that is exactly what the D700 is, well rumor is. As the rumor goes, we’ll find out soon, early next week.

Not sure if this is photoshopped but it is consistent with other “sightings”.

Although all of the sightings so far could have been Photoshop’ed (and some clearly were), there is a consistent depiction that comes across all the believable images. That’s of a D300-sized camera with a larger viewfinder, using the round ocular piece of higher-end Nikons.

The most important part of the rumor is about the sensor:

Joy! Dance!

Also worth noting that the extraordinary new AF module is included:

I don't plan on using this much, but I'm glad it'll be there.

And there is the nod from Nikon:

"As usual, we were told no comments for now, but that Nikon "will say more when the date draws near". The spokesperson did volunteer that the pictures were taken at the agency where the brochures were printed."

That one cracked me up. All will be revealed next week.

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