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Zeiss 2/100 ZF: another sighting

I’m still hunting through the wires of them Interwebs for tasty morcels of information about this lens. I pointed out this one some time ago, found after quite a bit of digging. (I do ignore all samples of stuff like people’s cats , etc… if I see another crappy cat/dog shot made by a D3 or a fine optic I’m going to lose it)

Well I’ve just found a second good source of samples over here in Japan.

This is good Bokeh guys. Wonderfully neutral. Linked from here.

One thing I’ve realized in this search is that Google is nearly useless at finding information about a rare niche product in such a busy world as photography. Each search returns thousands of copies of the Zeiss press-release copied by all the useless “me-too” news sites, and hundreds of stores willing to sell me a Zeiss lens but not necessarily this one. Rarely anything pertinent about the lens itself ever shows up.

For the most part I use Google’s Image Search now, with very carefully-selected words, and visually scan the results for anything that looks authentic and original. Images from the press-release: no thank you. Hello nice flower macros.
Do check them out, the images from this new set. They're very nice.

Lastly, here's something I've been looking for all along, a shot of the Zeiss 2/100 mounted on a camera. For good measure.

Not too big, not too small, just right. Linked from here.

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