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The Zeiss T* look and feel

This weekend I picked up the 2/35 Distagon again and shot an important moment of my baby’s progression. This was her first visit to the pool. Well not quite, this might have been her third dip.

I simply don’t tire of the Distagon’s drawings. It faithfully records every moment it bears witness to.

A little bunny rabbit’s hug. Sharp and soft (bunny). Warm and cold (tone).

Here is a 100% crop from the same image with only default Lightroom sharpening:

Maude reflects on the pool area. Or is it the other way around?

Later on that day I wondered if I could get the Distagon to fail optically, for artistic effect. With little success (i.e. few failures) I started experimenting. Here is just one attempt where I tried to make the Distagon flare and veil like my 50mm f/1.8 regularly does under these conditions…

With the edge of the Sun just peeking in the frame the Distagon retains superb contrast. Only when most of the Sun enters the frame does it finally flare, but still it refuses to veil and give up contrast.

I couldn’t see anything in the viewfinder in either case, hence the missed focus. Basically the Zeiss T* coatings easily trump eyeball 1.0 on contrast.

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