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Short Blurb on Zeiss Impressions 2007

I was perusing the results of a photo contest from Zeiss and noticed a coincidence. Remember my post about the guy that owns a 2/100 ZF?

(Note: I'm not saying owning any particular lens makes you special, but I was happy to find someone finally sharing samples of this lens which interests me greatly.)

So our guy won third place in the Zeiss contest with this image, incidentally taken with the 2/100 ZF:

Linked from, picture by Paul Lindqvist.

Congrats Paul - if you ever read these lines.

Among the other contenders I rather like first place, seventh place and ninth place reproduced here...

Linked from, picture by Maks Chekmarev.

Okay, this one is a bit trite and not as fulfilling as the capture of a living moment, but the simple understated composition works.

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