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Three different topics

1. I just came back from a long week-end in Tahoe, my first visit there. Nice.

Got up well before the Sun once, set myself up on Fallen Leaf Lake, then the twilight started. I watched as it intensified into day.

Other noteworthy events were some portraits using an umbrella as main light and the noon Sun as fill, for softer results (the guy behind is sooo gonna get photoshopped out, we had some hilarious outtakes too). Drove around the lake, stayed at an awesome B&B (highly recommendable) and ended the tour at a winery on the road back, on CA-49.

I have about 8 rolls of film to get developed too, not included here, with more people-shots (B&W) and sunrise action (Velvia).

2. If this isn’t the coolest plush toy you’ve ever seen…

…now if only the lens was Velcro’ed on there, you could make interchangeable lenses!

I might commission my mom to make a plush MP, so my kid (when she gets here in January) can shoot above her dad’s pay grade. Just kidding. Mom is probably all over it already. Hey, it’s plush, make that lens a Noctilux.

3. Having had several nights to sleep on it, I think I’ve come to terms with the D3 & D300.

I’m going to skip this cycle and patiently wait for the Dx00 body that will come with an FX sensor. Don’t get me wrong, the D300 is awesome, but I can’t in good conscience buy it when my heart is captured by another camera. I don’t need to read tea leaves to know the next cycle will bring an FX sensor body to fight the 5D [MkII], there’s just too much money/glory in that slice of the market (and 5D owners have been complaining about the lack of weather seals since day 1…).

During that 1~2~3 years time it takes to get here I’ll be getting my lens bag ready for it, so that on the day of its launch I just need to buy the body and not Ks$ of lenses too. I’m already in good shape at the ultra-wide and tele ends, so really all that means is that I’ll be looking at normal primes/zooms at the next (maybe few) annual Nikon Purchase Ceremony™.

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