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Intel Opens Up Thread Building Blocks

Fresh threading help. Exciting!
Original story:

I’m going to check this out for myself really soon, and report on it here. I’ve been using ::boost::thread for a while now and, while it does a decent job of wrapping pthread/Win32 threads, it doesn’t deliver anything new/special. Its main appeal is that it provides access to well-known (i.e. beaten-up) metaphors via RAII building blocks. The C++ world+dog has known for a long time that RAII is the best way to implement (e.g.) mutex locking, but until Boost implemented it there was no golden version of it in any 1st-class libraries.

In contrast the Intel Thread Building Blocks provide a different interface to threads, which aim to hide the fact that much threading is even going on. Like I said earlier, how exciting! We'll see what this delivers... stay tuned.

(Also stay tuned to learn my plan to tackle memory congestion in my application, as I reported last time. Soon I'll put my plan in motion...)

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