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One Neat Tool

This tool can transmute (and I mean it in the Alchemical sense with some Philosopher Stone dust) a DLL into a LIB:

The usefulness of such a tool is not to be understated. One could use something like this to divide-and-conquer the N^2 process of linking large binaries. I was engaged in a conversation about this no further than today at lunch.

We speculated as to the feasibility of such a tool in the SC-C2 fore kitchen not too long ago, and even had a scheduled meeting about it. That was when we (me and 3 others) decided to build (me) a less exciting tool called Unite that instead stitches multiple DLLs into one bigger one. Unite was easy to write, works well, has other uses, and is cross-platform too, but it’s no DLL-to-LIB transmutation cake.

Now my curiosity has been tickled and I must decide for myself how this tool does it… Typically tools like this have one insanely tricky core, but don’t represent a lot of code when done. That was my experience writing debuggers, profilers and tracers anyhow.

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