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Alchemical Apprenticeship

Okay, I'm obsessed now.

I've dabbled in PE/COFF myself, back in the day, as well as a great deal of X86 bytecode generation (stories for another day). Too much so not to envision how this was done and hope that I could reproduce this neat tool. So I'm doomed to try.

As it happens I have a fairly strong agenda of my own today, which I perceive was not the agenda of this tool's maker. I'm not merely interested in "packaging" DLLs to avoid DLL Hell, this other tool called "Unite" I mentioned did that too. Rather I want to improve the performance of the linker by applying a little Divide-And-Conquer of my own on top of it. I'd holler about this for hours, so I'll stop with that teaser for today.

Also, there's no point in talking it up if I can't get to first base. As I make progress on this side project I'll add more information here.

First, to rekindle with an old love:

Let's see if I can make some simple LIBs and DLLs first.

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