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I did say this was also about photography too, didn’t I?

Here are a few miscellaneous ramblings to get that ball rolling.

Shooting == exciting times
At this moment I stand on the verge of a very exciting 2 weeks of photography. Next week, and for 2 weeks hence, I’ll be visiting the Hawaiian Islands.

I don’t think I’ll be satistifed unless I end up with 10~20 decent shots. Hopefully one of those will scale cleanly to a few feet in size. To that end I’ll be working very hard most of the day, each day, with my left eye closed half the time.

Worthy reading - for your inner photographer
Also, lately I’ve been soaking up wise words from photographers, but I think those that resonate most within me are these:

What’s Cool
A Boring Photograph
Telephotos are for Cowards

It's not lost upon me that I own a large telephoto myself. Being self-conscious about it all the time, I aim to not use it in a cowardly manner.

Material concerns
And what has me excited in the world of photo gear these days, you ask? Not what you’d expect, I think:

I just swoon before the Leica M8.
The Sigma DP1 is quite exciting too.

Maybe that's because I'm hauling 30lbs of stuff around. ;^)

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