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And Exhaaaaaale…

Today I jumped through the last hoop with my M.Sc. thesis, it's DONE. It had been pending final deposition for so long, the weight on my back had litterally curved it. That and bad posture, maybe.

This said, I need to share the AWESOME experience I just had submitting the thesis, besides the fact that it's DONE. That was awesome too, but here I mean the process of submission was AWESOME.

McGill University has long been an example of fiefdom-style management for me, ever challenging my form-filling skills with new and creative red tape. Over the years none amazed me more than the accounting department though, requiring physical evidence stronger than what flies for a Civil Court Judge. Needless to say that in this context I treated the Graduate Studies Office with the kind of respect normally reserved for a border inspection officer - the kind of respect that comes from fear.

Lo and behold, then, the E-Thesis Submission process:

  1. make a PDF
  2. upload the PDF
  3. graduate
It's so easy, I still can't believe it. Surely there's a form somewhere here, I thought. Okay, it has to be a 'special' kind of PDF that only the real Acrobat can make, but hey, Acrobat 8 has a free 30-day trial download!

When I got up this morning, I had no idea that I was just a few clicks away from getting my M.Sc. degree in the mail. You will find me waiting for the mailman.

After I get back from Hawaii that is. ;^)

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  1. Congratz! So when do we get to call you Master? 🙂

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